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Staff Bios

Scott Pinney – Son-in-law Scott Pinney joined the company in 1984 working as a termite technician. After a couple years he moved into the pest department, eventually becoming the pest division manager in 1988, the termite division manager in 1996, general manager in 1998, and vice president in 2000. Scott & Tammy officially became Fourth generation Owner/Operators in 2013. 

Tammy Curry Pinney – Is Owen Curry Jr.s youngest daughter and started with the company in 1986 working in the office. After a few months she decided to go into the field working as a pest control technician and ran a route for about two years. In 1989 she left the company to start a family and raise two kids. Returning to Curry’s in 2009, as Office manager and continuing on the Curry's legacy as a fourth generation Owner in 2013. 

David Foster – David Foster started working as a termite technician in 1989 and moved over to the pest department in 1991. He worked his way into management and is currently the termite & animal division manager and operations manager.

Richard Sims – Richard has been with us since 1997 and has worked in both termite and pest divisions. He is currently our pest division manager.

Mark West-Is our Termite Technician Supervisor with over 34 years experience in the termite, pest & animal control fields. 

Julie Suhm – Started with Curry’s in 2005. She does scheduling, dispatching, phones, and is the "voice" of Curry’s. 

Our Technicians are as follows:
Lead Technician- Keith Hicks-13 years, Mike Cryer 13 years/15 years experience, Andrew Justice-9 years/11 years experience, Devonte Wise-4 years, Tyler Weaver-3 years, Pat Theiss-1 year/4 years experience, Buck Morris- 4 years, Roy Brown-3 years, Tyler Pinney-3 years, Andy Wilmoth- 2 years, Brandon Woodall- 2 years, Scott Carter-2 years, Craig Flanigin- 1 year, Jacob Murphy-1 year


In total, our company currently has over 180 years of experience and growing!