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What's Involved?

Curry’s is glad to have provided over 30 years of animal control services.  With central Arkansas’ suburban areas continuing to grow, you can expect to see an increase in wildlife intrusion into the human living environment.  Uninvited animal guests can be scary to deal with and hard to remove, but Curry’s trained animal control professionals can help tackle your wildlife problems safely, efficiently, and humanely.

Raccoon in TrapCurry’s holds three certified wildlife control operators by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, and a certified bat compliance operator. According to the NWCOA “those who hold the title of Certified Wildlife Control Professional have demonstrated a wealth of both 'hands-on' field experience and an exposure to a variety of industry related training programs."

Candidates for animal control certification must be able to establish no less than three years of professional practice, along with a minimum number of credit hours of board approved training courses and seminars. 

Certified animal control operators are expected to maintain their level of professionalism by completing continuing education for certification renewal”, insuring that our technicians are educated on the most efficient and humane way to remove animals from your home.

To best protect your health and property from squirrels, rats and other home intruders, Curry’s can offer the animal control expertise you need with our live trapping and relocation process.

Curry’s has the animal control experience and expertise to handle any animal control situation, whether residential or commercial. We can address:

  •     Squirrels
  •     Rats
  •     Mice
  •     Bats
  •     Raccoons
  •     Birds
  •     Snakes
  •     Bees
  •     Wasps
  •     Hornets
  •     Yellowjackets
  •     Coyotes
  •     Beavers
  •     Foxes
  •     Opossums
  •     Skunks
  •     Chipmunks
  •     Feral Animals
  •     Just about anything else


Nuisance animals like mice, rats and other pests can easily enter a home through small cracks or openings, especially when natural food sources run low or access to your food areas is easier.

A natural sign that you’ve had an intruder include noises in the attic or rodent droppings found in pantries, under baseboards or in attics. Also look for pet food bags that have hole chewed in them near the bottom, or pet food bowls that are unusually low.

Wildlife control is essential not only for keeping the peace and comfort of your home, but as preventative health and damage measures. While most of the above animals are not directly threatening to man, many of these species are known sources of diseases and bacteria such as Histoplasmosis, Toxoplasmosis, Salmonella, Rabies, and Hantavirus. 

The presence of wildlife in your home may introduce other pests such as fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. It’s also possible that mice and rats will entice predatory wildlife such as snakes into the areas around and beneath your home. Further, the constant chewing of squirrels and rodents may be a fire hazard as they gnaw exposed electrical wires inside attics and crawl spaces.

This type of damage could be a serious issue costing thousands to repair and be a real fire threat should there be a short circuit.  Curry’s animal control services will help you keep the safety and security of a healthy home. If you find signs or damage of a wild animal in your home Curry’s can provide free, no obligation assessments of the area, and continue on with our trapping process if needed.

If we didn’t name it and it walks, flies or slithers then we can help you get rid of it. Find out more about nuisance animals.