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More About Pests

Curry’s pest control has over 80 years experience in helping home and business owners take back their properties from mother nature’s creepy crawlies. We are Arkansas’s first pest management company providing our customers with years of environmentally-safe, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for their pest control needs. We protect your greatest investment through outstanding customer service, unbeatable value, courteous and knowledgeable office personnel and our experienced and certified technicians.

Each type of pest we encounter requires a unique control approach. For example, the environment and treatment options for ants differ greatly from that of cockroaches and bedbugs. We specialize in matching a pest control program with your unique pest, structure and environment.

Central Arkansas provides a distinctive ecology that supports a wide range of pest insects some of which are not native to North America, but like Americans have flourished in their new environment. In Arkansas common pests we come in residential contact with are:

Learning to identify these unwanted invaders understanding their biology, diet, and nesting habits is the first step in clearing your home or business of their presence. Curry’s Critter Catalog provides you information about many common household pests (and some not so common), including tips to keep pest populations at a minimum.

Visit the Critter Catalog and select a pest to learn more. Don’t let pests take over your home.