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Areas Inspected

In central Arkansas, the majority of pests reside outside the home, but sometimes infestation levels increase to the point that you are seeing pest on the inside of your home. The condition of your home and the landscape areas surrounding your home will be the most important factors in determining what pests are or could be present. Seasonality, environmental and weather conditions also influence many pest outbreaks.

The first and primary treatment is done outside the structure before pest populations infiltrate your home or business. Keeping pests controlled and in manageable populations will help insure that they do not become a uninvited guests and become indoor pests. Once pests have gotten into living areas, pest control treatments will then need to be escalated to both indoors and outdoors. The natural habitat of early all pests is the outdoors and only a few pests, such as bedbugs and German Cockroaches, are strictly indoor pests.

Areas Treated

Service Description and Areas Addressed:

  1. Special gel baits applied in cabinets.
  2. Granular baits placed behind appliances.
  3. Dust injected into cabinet voids and around water pipe openings.
  4. Residual baseboard treatment.
  5. Attic and/or crawlspace dusted with long lasting insecticide. (Extra Charge May Apply)
  6. Soft bristled brush used around doors, windows, and under eaves to remove cobwebs.
  7. Wide perimeter treatment of lawn, mulch, and flower beds to eliminate ants, roaches, and other home invaders before they get inside.
  8. Residual barrier applied around doors, windows, water pipes, under eaves, and to the base of your home.

Pest Areas Treated