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Getting Started

Curry's Termite & Pest Control team is made up of professionally trained and certified service technicians.  Our technicians continually undergo educational workshops on the latest techniques in controlling subterranean termites. This provides us with the knowledge and experience with the most effective and safest techniques available today to rid you of these unwanted visitors.

Our mission is to provide personal attention to our customers. Curry’s termite control services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, large or small.

Termite Inspections

The first step in protecting your home against termites is an inspection. A termite inspection is a visual examination of the readily accessible areas of a home for evidence of termites. Our termite control team member will visually inspect your home or structure. For slab structures our technician will inspect the interior and exterior walls/foundation. For crawlspace construction, the crawlspace and the exterior of the property will be examined.  Foundation inspections are extremely important in central Arkansas, since the only termites native to Arkansas is the Eastern Subterranean termite.

Once the inspection has been completed, we provide a written inspection report. We will document all visual signs of termites or Powder Post Beetles, whether it is old or new.

If Curry’s inspection discovers that termites are found, don’t panic. Though termites work 24/7 your home or business is not likely to collapse tomorrow. Termites are slow eaters and the average termite colony can eat a foot of a board per year. In most cases we have time to figure out the right course of action.  For more information on our methods please visit the treatments page.

Initial and Annual Costs

After your free, no obligation termite inspection is complete our team will then be able to come back to you with an estimated total cost for the initial treatment and yearly renewable contract with annual inspection.

Already have a termite policy with another company?

Curry’s takes on a lot of new clients that are dissatisfied with their current termite company, either because of poor customer service, poor or no inspections, or high annual premiums. If you’re unhappy with your current company give us a call and we will see if we can help.

We understand you want quality work at a reasonable price.  By state law we have to treat a home to put it under contract.  If we see you are paying too much on your annual premium with your current company Curry’s comparative prices will allow you to break even after a few years and start saving there after on your annual termite policy.

Annual Termite Contracts and Treatments

Once a treatment has been performed you can keep the home or business protected by keeping a termite policy on it. Curry's provides two forms of contracts; an annual termite inspection contract and a control only/no damage contract.

The general termite inspection contract acts as an agreement between a homeowner and Curry's, ensuring that inspectors will visit and inspect the structure according to a specified time agreement, usually annually. As provided with our contract, if new termites appear after the home or business is put under contract Curry's will repair and treat at no additional charge.  Termite inspection contracts are frequently referred to as “termite insurance.”

A control only/no damage contract is for structures that do not meet the state standards for a general contract.  If your building does not meet standards like proper crawl spaces and high risk properties,  Curry’s can offer you a contract that allows us to provide a termite treatment, but does not cover any damage done before or during the contract with Curry’s.  With the advent of Termidor, Curry’s is able to provide a reasonable amount of termite protection for a property with high risk situations.  While this is a beneficial contract, the state of Arkansas only allows Curry’s to do a select number of no damage contracts each year, so these accounts must be selective.

Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite damage and prevention can be the most effective method of termite control. Those living in high-risk states such as Arkansas, particularly moist and humid environments, can benefit greatly from investing in termite inspection contracts.

Find out more about termites and how Curry's can keep your home or business termite free.