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Termite treatments are the foundation to the termination and prevention of wood destroying insects in your home. Curry’s experience and knowledge of the latest products and technologies in termite treatments guide us in providing each home with the most proficient treatment strategies. Curry’s termite control team is highly trained and can help provide the best solution for your home or business.

Termite DrillingPost-Construction (existing structure)

Currently, Curry’s uses a product called Termidor for post-construction treatments. We believe that Termidor is the best product on the market today to stop Eastern Subterranean termites. Unlike products of the past, Termidor kills termites and their colonies. To find out more about Termidor you can go to Termidor is part of our liquid treatment program described below.

Liquid Program

Historically, liquid treatments are the proven and conventional method of termite control. With recent advances in the field of chemical research and technology, modern liquid termite control products, such as Termidor, offer immediate control with more than a decade of continual protection. Relying on the natural social behavior of the termite, Termidor, unlike older chemicals, is designed to transfer throughout the termite colony.

As a part of treatment, Curry’s Pest Control’s premium termiticides will be applied to the soil bordering your foundation around the exterior of your home. In some cases soil under slabs or voids may exist as part of your structure’s foundation where termites could access the wooden framing components of your building. With the advancement of Termidor, the drilling of masonry is not required, unless there are active termites. In such cases, masonry drilling may be recommended in order to access these areas for treatment. Although this may sound invasive, these treatment protocols are established by the Department of Agriculture and the Arkansas State Plant Board and should be practiced by all termite control professionals.

Pre-Construction or New Construction Treatments 

Curry’s offers a couple of methods to treat new construction. The most popular is the conventional liquid soil treatment. On crawlspace construction this consists of treating the soil around all of the foundation and piers before the wood framing is built on top of the foundation. On slab construction, the entire soil area is treated inside of the foundation area before the concrete is poured. The exterior soil is also treated along the foundation on all structures to provide a continuous chemical barrier.

A second option is a wood pre-treat. This consists of actually treating the wood once the framing is complete, but before insulation, sheetrock and siding is installed. The exterior sheathing is also treated if it is made of wood. The soil along the foundation is also generally treated with Termidor around the exterior once the home is finished.

We've had the privilege to work with Arkansas's own P. Allen Smith during the construction of his new home. We met with P. Allen Smith to discuss termite pre-treatment options and environmental precautions that can be taken to minimize the impact of pre-treatment termite prevention. View the video below for more insight into the pre-construction termite prevention services that Curry's Pest Control can provide.

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